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The Queen's Birthday Ball was a key social event in all the Australian colonies. Lady Denison described it as The Great Leviathan. For those who considered themselves to be in the top echelon of society it was vital to be on the guest list. Lady Denison recorded that after invitations went out:
Every day brings a certain number of queries, addressed to the Aide-de-Camp from a variety of individuals, to know why they and their families have not been asked; to enquire whether His Excellency has heard anything prejudicial to their character, or whether it is considered that their situation disqualifies them from receiving the honour of an invitation; and stating that, in duty to themselves and their connections, that cannot allow such an insult to be passed unenquired into.

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Credits David Clune, Ken Turner, The Governors of New South Wales, 1788-2010, c. 2009 The Federation Press
Image: 'The Queen's Birthday Ball' at Government House, 1854, Illustrated Sydney News, 1854